Cesária Évora’s sodade: longing, missing, dreaming

In memory of my father on the ninth anniversary of his death, I thought I’d share one of his favorite artists and one of the most beautiful voices ever recorded. Cesária Évora (1941-2011) was one of the most acclaimed singers in the world. She was known as the “queen of Morna,” Morna being widely considered the national music of Cape Verde. According to Wikipedia:

“In the 1960s, she started singing on Portuguese cruise ships stopping at Mindelo as well as on the local radio. It was only in 1985 when at the invitation of Cape Verdean singer Bana she went to perform in Portugal. In Lisbon she was discovered by the producer José da Silva and invited to record in Paris…Évora’s international success came only in 1988 with the release of her first album La Diva Aux Pied Nus, recorded in France. Her 1992 album Miss Perfumado sold over 300,000 copies worldwide, and included one of her most celebrated songs, “Sodade”.

I listened to “Sodade” on repeat so many times, my CD skipped and I had to buy another. Please enjoy the gorgeous, luscious melodies below and maybe drink some red wine to feel the full effect of the melancholy evoked.

One thought on “Cesária Évora’s sodade: longing, missing, dreaming

  1. Hey,

    I really liked her songs. Thanks for posting this…it’s a great tribute to your father. I’m sorry for your lost.


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