Lord Revive Me: A soul-stirring playlist curated by the music supervisor for “Greenleaf” on OWN



My good friend Angela DJ Moonbaby Jollivette has landed an amazing new dream job as a music supervisor for season 2 the popular series “Greenleaf” on the OWN Network. She places all the music for the show and has compiled their “Season 2 Soundtrack”! It has been doing well on the gospel music charts and it’s currently entered into the Grammy Awards Visual Media Field’s Best Soundtrack Compilation category, which if you are a voting member of the Recording Academy then I encourage you to check it out (if you’re not and are eligible, sign up)!

She has placed that soundtrack also on Spotify and includes some gorgeous music – one song from each episode, but what I really wanted to share about is the “B-Sides” Soundtrack which are songs inspired by Season 2 that didn’t quite make it to the show but really capture the mood of the show. I have to say, this playlist is on FIRE!

Whether it’s inspiration or revelation, these songs definitely gave me the lift I need to feel better because with all that’s going on in our country right now, it’s easy for me to get down. I need this playlist daily.


Some songs that need to be highlighted include the beautiful Liz Vice with her song, Empty Me Out. Liz Vice is a young artist from Portland and this song is off her debut album, “There’s A Light”. It has been well received and featured on a lot of favorite lists. Such a soothing vibe and a reminder of how faith works: ego off to let God in.

Moonbaby went diggin’ in the crates to find a couple Aretha Franklin including  “Are You Leaving Me”. Another notable old school song featured is That Shall He Also Reap by Mattie Moss Clark, the mother of popular Gospel group, The Clark Sisters. Mattie Moss Clark, according to wikipedia, ” is credited for creating the three-part harmony (separating vocal parts into soprano, alto and tenor), a technique which is prevalent among gospel choirs today.

Other notable songs for me include Shirley Caesar’s Lord Revive Me, Yolanda Adams’ Open My Heart, and one of my favorite under the radar artists, The Bayou Maharaja James Booker. There are so many more or I’d be mentioning the entire playlist. Just go now and renew your mind and spirit with this playlist. Lord knows we all need it right now at this moment in history. Be blessed my brothers and sisters. Stay strong and encouraged.

Rootnotemusic guesting on Unrestricted with DJ Moonbaby this Thursday 7/21

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Rootnotemusic guesting on Unrestricted with DJ Moonbaby this Thursday 7/21


Just a quick note to let you all know that I will be a guest on the Unrestricted Radio Show hosted by DJ Moonbaby! The show is Thursday nights from 8-10 p.m. PST on acceleratedradio.net and I’ll be on this coming Thursday, 7/21, at 9 p.m. PST.

I’ll be sharing a few of my favorite roots tunes from various genres including blues, soul, R&B, hip-hop, and world. The tunes will represent the spirit of this blog. The music will be interspersed with Moonbaby and I chatting about all things music, culture, and life.

It should be a really fun show and I hope you’ll tune in!

You can tune in live on http://www.acceleratedradio.net/ and you can call in at: 310.910.9676 option 1.

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Another man done gone: a song that has come full circle.


“Another man done gone” is a traditional chain-gang song first recorded in 1940 that is just as timely in today’s world as it was 75 years ago. What is going on in our country right now with the killing of unarmed black men and the rise of openly racist and fascist political candidates can cause a sensitive soul to lose hope in humanity. I’d like to believe we have come far and in many ways we have. However, we cannot heal and rise from our collective traumatic history unless we are willing to acknowledge, accept, learn from our past and all do our part to break the cycle of systemic racism and violence.

“Another man done gone” was first recorded by folk singer Vera Hall in 1940. Vera Hall was recorded by ethnomusicologist Alan Lomax and she is most well known for her song “Trouble so hard.” You might recognize that song as sampled in Moby’s “Natural blues”.

Hall’s rendition of “Another man done gone” is so haunting in describing the casualness in the killing of black men for minor (if any) infractions. New Orleans Soul Queen Irma Thomas recorded a version/remake of it on her 2006 Grammy-winning album, “After The Storm” chronicling the trauma and wretchedness of the Hurricane Katrina disaster aftermath. I’ve posted the original and the remake below. Folk singer Odetta and folk band Our Griffin also recorded versions, as well as Johnny Cash and many other musicians over the years.

Please pass this post along if it so moves you and let us all contribute to our collective healing of the trauma of the horrific violence of the past and present in our country and world. Let us love each other and have reverence for human life. #BLACKLIVESMATTER